About Us

The 91 Candles Story

Hello to all!!

It was a dream that started in the kitchen about a year ago…I wanted to be able to provide people with a scented experience...thus 91Candles was born. The 91 stands for the year I was born, something I felt was very near to my heart. After countless hours, I finally made a candle which I felt was just right. Since that moment, I've been working hard, grinding it out and was preparing everything for the world to see. Today, I am finally glad that I made it to the point where I'm more than proud of the handcrafted soy candles I have been creating. I want to be able to create something that is warm, unique and evokes a special feeling in everyone's homes. 

Thank you for taking the chance to join this scented journey with me...

Welcome Again and as always I hope you enjoy!!